Experience the animal world in AR on a new level of realism

Rescue one of the wild animals, that was taken away from their family and ended up in captivity

Shelter pets to your virtual 3D home.

Turn on AR mode and feel the presence of real wild animals right next to you

Pets love care and attention, to feast on their favorite food and play sports games

Explore the world through the animal dreams and memories in video format on a virtual screen

Meditate with pets mirroring their breathing chosen in unison with healthy natural rhythms. Save your breathing progress to HealthKit

Shoot and share realistic lookingphotos and videos while you are playing with animals in AR

Take care of animals and improve your Karma of Love, Energy, Joy, Wisdom, Relax, Happiness and Health

Animar wants to draw attention to the danger of extinction to which more than 40% of all living beings on our planet and motivate people every day to do something useful for animals and nature, thus improving their life and fate.